Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Does it seem like every home in your neighborhood needs or needed foundation repair? Our clay soils and our weather extremes mean that most foundations eventually crack, leading to an array of structural problems with the homes they support. At ACCO Foundation Repair, we use time-tested and proven techniques to repair your slab foundation.

Most homes in Texas are built on slab-on-grade foundations. Our shallow frost line mean builders don't have to put in deep footings to support homes. That's why basements are so uncommon here. Slabs are inexpensive and often last for decades, but slab settlement is an issue that can't be ignored. Newer slabs are sometimes built with our shifting soils in mind, but many older ones weren't. And no matter what techniques are used, heaving below your home can eventually cause foundation damage and the need for slab repair.

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Signs Of Slab Foundation Damage

Did you know that the concrete slab supporting your entire home in Denison, Greenville or Paris may only go down two feet below your floor? Plus, the trees on your lot, your flowerbeds near your home, the slope of your property and other factors you may not have considered are compromising your foundation.

You may have slab foundation problems if you notice any of these problems:

  • cracks in the bricks outside your home
  • cracks in sheetrock inside your home
  • door or windows that don't operate properly
  • walls separating from the ceiling
  • and more.

The longer you wait to deal with slab foundation repair, the worse the problem will become and the more it will cost to fix. That's why we recommend quick action once you think you have a foundation problem.

Our Slab Foundation Repair Services

We use a variety of methods to solve problems with concrete slabs and other foundation repair issues and the damage they leave behind. Among our services are:

Concrete piers. The basis of our business and the base of your repaired foundation, properly installed concrete piers are superior to steel piers that bend and rust and provide a firm system of support to hold your foundation in place. With concrete piers, we can move your foundation back into place and keep it there.
Mudjacking. Using a special concrete mixture called mud, we can inject material under some portions of your concrete slab and move it back into its original position. Used alone or in conjunction with other concrete slab repair methods, mudjacking can put your slab back where it belongs.
Brick repair. Part of repairing a foundation is repairing the damage that a bad foundation leaves behind. Using pressure grouting and other techniques, we can make your damaged brick look great again so it can protect your stable home for many years to come.

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If you think you have a slab foundation problem, don't hesitate to contact us. Delaying action will lead to more extensive, more costly repairs. Turn to us for a free estimate, a complete written contract and a lifetime warranty on all repairs. This old-fashioned commitment to service excellence is why we've succeeded in the business since 1979.

Contact us right away for slab-on-grade foundation repair you can depend on. We'll be here when you need us.