Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

At ACCO Foundation Repair, we laser level pier-and-beam foundations.

Finally, you can have level floors and a solid, stable home again when you allow us to use time-tested methods and the latest technology to improve and repair your pier-and-beam foundation.

Pier-and-beam homes are sometimes called crawl space homes, and the work we do for you is sometimes call crawl space repair because most of the work is done below your home, in the crawl space. Don't know what kind of foundation you have? If you have a crawl space in Texas, you almost certainly have a pier-and-beam foundation.

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Pier-And-Beam Foundations Are Unique

Unlike concrete slabs, pier-and-beam foundations don't necessarily crack, but settling and shifting can happen that will lead to unlevel floors, soft spots and eventually cracks in the interior or exterior of the home. Doors and windows that open poorly is another sure sign of a shifting foundation.

Here in Denison, Paris, Greenville and the surrounding areas of North Texas, our clay soils shift, and seasonal cycles can cause the soil around your home to shrink and expand frequently, eventually damaging your foundation.

Proven Crawl Space Repair Methods

While many companies and individuals try to repair crawl spaces with a variety of methods, we use shoring and concrete piers to make a real difference in the quality and stability of your home. Your floor sits on piers located in the crawl space, but these can fail, bow or crumble. Our pier-and-beam foundation repair service involves shoring up failing piers with new ones. Each of our techniques has been proven through the nearly four decades we've been in business.

If you fail to have your crawl space repaired and your foundation leveled, the problem will only get worse over time. Among the many symptoms of a failing pier-and-beam foundation are:

  • sagging or sloping of the floor
  • windows and doors that don't open properly
  • nonload-bearing walls pulling away at the top
  • plumbing problems from shifting beams or joists
  • and more.

You Need Experience Behind Your Repair

Pier-and-beam foundations aren't common in this area anymore, but we've been repairing them since 1979. While some younger companies don't know how to help you with pier-and-beam foundation repairs, we have nearly four decades of experience - and we can put things right for you.

Foundation repair is a complex undertaking meant to last the lifetime of your home. Why leave it to inexperienced people? Why not turn to ACCO Foundation Repair. We've fixed thousands of foundations, and we can fix yours too - for less than you might imagine.