Warranty Information


  • Mechanically raise exterior foundation of structure to as close as practical to original grade.
  • Pour reinforced concrete piers, to stable soil or rock & belled to twenty-four inches if applicable.
  • Mud-Jack cavities that occur when raising perimeter beam. Mud-Jack center beam or interior areas, only if specified in contract and for an additional charge. A cement-limestone grout is used in all mud-jack operations.
  • Slope excess dirt to provide proper drainage at areas raised.
  • Replace cracked mortar at areas raised.
  • Clean up and remove any debris from job site.
  • Public Liability Ins., and Bonding Capabilities if required

warranty-infoResponsibilities specifically not included are:

  1. Repairs to interior or exterior not mentioned above.
  2. Damage to rigid building material, such as concrete, brick, sheetrock or deteriorating plumbing.
  3. Plants, shrubs and trees


  • Maintain proper moisture at perimeter beam
  • Maintain proper drainage
  • To protect job site from children and other trespassers
  • Payment to be made upon completion, unless other agreement is made in writing. If ACCO retains an attorney to assist in
  • collection, owner shall pay reasonable cost and attorney fees.
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