Here in Texas, the two factors that contribute most to slab foundation damage are our clay soils — which expand and contract depending on the moisture level — and the feast-or-famine rainfall we get. Around here, it’s either wet for weeks or dry for months, and it’s rarely in between.

Poor Construction
Low-quality structural steel and poorly mixed or cured concrete are among the factors that can contribute to foundation failure.
As water leaves the soil through evaporation, the soil shrinks away, causing bowed walls and other signs of foundation problems.
Plumbing Leaks
An undetected plumbing leak can eat away at your foundation and the soil below it for months, leading to cracks as well as other moisture-related damage to drywall and home furnishings.
Improper Grading
Landscaping should slope away from your home to prevent pooling at the foundation, but poor design or inexperienced landscapers and graders can get it wrong, leading to thousands in foundation repairs.
Bad Soil Conditions
In Texas, many foundations fail simply because of our clay soils. Good analysis and engineering before pouring the foundation can help overcome this issue, but it often isn’t done.
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